Good connections are half the battle!

In order to be able to offer our customers a full service solution, we cooperate closely with Peltzer Suhren, a lawyers’ office (www.kanzlei-psm.de). The lawyers operate in all areas of civil and commercial law. With their strong international focus, they provide assistance on non-domicile projects, too.

You can benefit from our non-bureaucratic partnership with Peltzer Suhren.

In this way we are able not only to address and solve your taxation issues, but also to deal competently with your juridical questions, ensuring legal compliance at all times. What’s more, our notary public on the premises can issue certifications for you, hereby saving you time.

Our proven networks with certified public auditors and external appraisers are advantageous for you when facing problems in other specialist fields.

Simply ask – and we’ll set the right course!